Digital CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in context of digitalization

Customer Relationship Management provides a way to build long-term and profitable customer relationships. Thereby, the use of special software tools, such as CRM, is useful. A further development of the classic CRM ideas provides today’s digital CRM IT.

  • Lower costs for the acquisition of new customers
  • Lower costs for the sales process
  • Focus on targeted measures in marketing and distribution by the evaluation of data across organizational boundaries

What is the difference between the digital CRM and the classic CRM solution:

Usually, the digital CRM solution is a cloud-based software.

It integrates now more than it did in the past, the customer-related processes from marketing, marketing campaigns, POS data in trading, logistics data (resale cycles) in B2B and all information from the company ́s divisions sales and service.

A digital CRM is a holistic approach to corporate governance, which places the customer at the center of actions and business processes. This is to ensure, that the customer receives the products and services that your company is able to deliver and provide. It is also intended to ensure, that the customer relationship can be intensified and customer value can be increased.