Dreher Consulting helps you and your company to increase your ROI by optimizing your processes and improving process quality.
  • Digital process mining gives you a complete overview of your process efficiency.
  • Potential savings become immediately visible
  • Lead times and stock levels become directly visible and your potential savings are shown directly.

How do we identify the weak points of processes?
By using the most modern methods and algorithms currently available in science and information technology.
Together with your business, we define the requirements on the part of marketing, production, logistics etc. to improve processes. These can be standard processes, such as “order to cash cycles”, or individual processes. In collaboration with your IT department, we define some parameters, determine the period of investigation and then extract these data and import them into our software. We then begin the process analyzis with this data.

Process Mining

Through process mining, we can say far more about your processes than with the help of the classical methods and approaches to process recording and modelling. In the Process Mining area, we analyze your processes as they actually happen in reality. With all the characteristics and loops that occur in your company by the execution of process operations. The basis for this is the data from the proprietary ERP systems or from the connected transaction systems used in workflows and workflow management. Based on your data, a model is created, which maps and graphically displays your processes from beginning to end in real time. This means that a maximum degree of transparency and control of the value-added chain and the lead times can be calculated and used for evaluation. With our process model, any deviations from the target process can be detected, weak points get identified and optimization potentials get developed. Everything on an analytical, data basis.


We take the time to define KPIs that are perfectly tailored to your company and thus analyze the processes. Process Mining helps to develop targeted solutions to save costs and time. This enables you to take your process quality to the next level, reduce process costs and improve your competitiveness enormously. Our tool can be used to analyze any process from any industry and company size. Even with complicated, confusing IT structures, we can analyze your processes and help you to slim them down, to shorten the lead times and get the most out of your processes.