Companies are usually part of a value chain. Connections to customers and suppliers are desired to be digital. These digital connections are self-evident in leading companies.

  • An ERP system is the central focus of an IT landscape with other programs. Therefore, an IT integration strategy has to be developed
  • Interface management and interface definitions for adding CRM, document management, financial accounting and many other special solutions require expert knowledge
  • Investment plans, IT strategy for the replacement of old systems and the integration of new software are important aids for the management to realize process optimizations along the value-added chains

In the value chain, the supply chain has an essential role in defining the requirements for ERP software. This gets considered in Dreher consulting’s approach to ERP consulting. For the correct definition and selection of a supply chain concept, it is of crucial importance, which co-ordination approach the SCM has. Consultants of Dreher Consulting have certificates of the Supply Chain Council.


In the context of the continuous growing and necessary interaction with customers -also via electronic channels – the management of customer relationship is becoming increasingly important. The development of customer relationship throughout the whole sales process is getting more important. Especially the service scape in the after sales phase, needs to be considered. CRM and service scape are not the core competencies of ERP software and ERP solutions.
Therefore, specialized CRM solutions are constantly being provided in the cloud. There is a demand for mobile CRM systems. This demand for mobile CRM also has an impact on the functionality and interfaces that a modern ERP system has to provide today. We have developed requirement concepts and process models that take this integration into account and help you to find the right setting parameters.


Another example is the integration of document management systems for the processing of data, which are available or generated as paper documents in the company. For example, drawings, invoices, etc. In the system selection, we always consider the integration of existing systems and the ERP data basis. As well as the GDPDU requirements and all the workflows and approval procedures necessary for further processing.
This experience with many best practice approaches will help you to select the optimal system and to take it into productive operation within a short period of time.