When signing the contract with the software supplier, there is a great pleasure. Although the real challenge is yet to come.

  • Professional IT project management and best practice in the integration of an ERP system into your IT structure are tasks, we carry out for our customers.
  • We represent the interests of our customers towards the software supplier
  • We have an ongoing quality management throughout the entire duration of the project, so that our customers can be sure to receive what they have ordered and paid for.

Dreher Consulting helps your company to implement an ERP software or other IT solutions. We have developed tools and a project management that have been refined and optimized in over 25 years. Years of helping our customers to get ERP projects off the ground. This methodology works and is successful, which is also confirmed by our clients.
Your company, especially your employees will be involved in our process, informed and introduced into the new IT environment and the new software programs as part of an excellent change management process. This is an important basis to ensure, that we are able to stay within the timescale, budget and ROI in the project. We use this approach in all our projects, as well as interactive platforms in which the project members are able to see the project status, the activities, the project milestones. Moreover, the clients have the possibility to ask questions on a “white-board”, which ensures a high acceptance and a short project duration.


  • The implementation of the Dreher Consulting Methodology enables companies to successfully implement an ERP project with maximum speed and highest quality standards.
  • The risks of such a project introduction are recognizable, stringent “live” planning helps to control these risks and, where necessary, to implementmeasures.
  • There is a zero failure rate in our ERP software implementation projects. Never before has one of our ERP software implementation projects failed.


  • Point 1: A valid project management approach focussing on the risk management, definition of objectives, costs, time and resource allocation.
  • Point 2: Design of process management, business process optimization and workflow processes
  • Point 3: Project initialization through workshops with your employees to gain an understanding of the project work, the project goal and the project methodology.
  • Point 4: Training of your employees for project work to use project tools and methods of documentation.
  • Point 5: Creation of a project manual for the members of the project team as a reference book for project work
  • Point 6: Establishment of a common project database with communication platform “White Board” for exchange and documentation
  • Point 7: Integration of the new ERP software into your company’s existing IT landscape
  • Point 8: Interface workshops on data management
  • Point 9: Master data management with depiction of structures and workflows to ensure an excellent data quality
  • Point 10: Organization of all deadlines, to do’s and documentation of the project progress
  • Point 11: Reports and information about the progress of the project to the executive committee, as well as rule exchange of information of the project members
  • Point 12: Management of the ERP performance indicators
  • Point 13: Representation of our customer’s interests towards software suppliers and ERP solution partners
  • Punkt 14: Acceptance of the system after implementation to ensure that the system meets the goals, runs without errors and that our customer receives what has been ordered

We have over 25 years of experience in implementing software, tools, reporting methods and quality management. We pass on this excellent knowledge and know-how to our customers. This ensures an optimal project progress, “in time and on budget”.
This reduces the risk of a project failing.
Our experience shows that we are able to implement projects faster and at lower costs than without the use of our experience and methodology.