If you don’t have the capacity to permanently deal with the further development of the IT security concept, we will take over these tasks completely.

  • It is not easy to retain control in the case of IT security. You are constantly running after trends and news.
  • New threats grow as fast as old threats are detected and eliminated
  • Being up to date with the times requires a lot of time and effort and permanent identification with all accessible information about data quality, data mismanagement and security concepts in the context of data usage

Your advantage:

To place this service and using outsourcing increases the safety of knowing that the security is up to date. Training and sensitization of your employees get conducted. Checklists are available for an up-to-date overview of the IT security situation. Moreover, a document is available in the annual IT security report, which shows action plans and provides a reliable basis for the auditors and investors to assess the IT security situation.

This keeps your company’s IT protection secure, efficient and up-to-date at all time

IT security can also be outsourced. In many companies, IT outsourcing is already firmly established as a tried and tested management tool. For good reasons.

Outsourcing IT protection has many advantages:

  • You achieve higher IT security through the knowledge of experts
  • Your IT security meets current standards and is always available
  • You take the load off your IT department in day-to-day business
  • You reduce your costs
  • Your costs are transparent and easier to calculate
  • You save costs for hardware and software
  • You use the latest technologies without having to invest in them
  • You are more flexible

Thus, you have the certainty that you will

  • neutral
  • efficient and
  • always up to date with the latest technology

receive an assessment of the current IT security standards in your company. Our IT outsourcing services are tailored to your company’s specific needs.

The following content is part of the DBC portfolio for outsourcing IT protection:

  • Recording of the current status
  • Creation of threat scenarios
  • Action plans
  • Audits
  • Safety reports
  • Consideration of the legal regulations
  • Measures within the framework of the internal control system to relieve the management of the company
  • Monthly newsletter on the threat situation
  • Training of employees on IT security, the use of data, etc.