Conducting an audit in your company to determine the security situation is an important step for the identification of the current IT security situation. This IT security audit is often the first step in identifying and reducing IT risks from the perspective of IT security experts.

  • To check the IT Security basic requirements with the aid of an audit , to value your own IT security standards
  • Increasing employee ́s awareness and providing permanent information about new threats is important to increase IT security
  • Define how your company is positioned against the industry standards for IT security

The dangers of intrusion into your company’s own networks can be reduced and almost eliminated by taking preventive safety precautions and ongoing security processes. However, this means that the company’s management, in collaboration with the IT experts, must clarify the threat situation and measures.


A detailed report about the situation

  • IT security in the context of IT infrastructure
  • IT security in the context of software usage
  • IT security in the context of mobility solutions

This IT Basis security check is an organizational package, including a workshop day for processing checklists and on-site inspections plus a workshop day with discussions with your employees in the context of IT security. We then prepare a detailed report on the situation based on the basic requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security.


Wir analysieren zuerst die Bedrohungslage für Ihr Unternehmen und handeln erst danach auf dieser e first analyze the threat situation for your company and act on this basis. This prevents that the same principle gets applied to all companies. Different companies have different threat situations.

Companies, auditing firms and their clients play it safe with Dreher Consulting

IT security is becoming more important for companies. This is not only about the headlines about espionage cases or hacker attacks, but also about the everyday dangers that can arise from the use of IT systems. Medium-sized companies are also becoming increasingly aware of the many and varied threats in the IT landscape. Those were long underestimated or simply ignored. And this
despites the fact, that attacks or a breakdown of the company’s systems or theft of data can be life-threatening.

Firewall and anti-virus software are not enough for effective IT – protection

According to recent surveys and studies, many companies hold the believe that a firewall, antivirus software and password protection shelters their businesses from data loss, data theft or spying. They are making a mistake. The experts from Dreher Consulting will provide information in presentations or free downloads on how to protect yourself against risks from the IT world. In addition, we offer complete packages for your IT security, which we developed from our years of experience in real business operations. The IT protection of your company is thus based on the ISO 27000 series of standards as the minimum standard for IT security management systems.

No more fear of bureaucracy with the Dreher Consulting procedure

In addition, Dreher Consulting IT security consulting services ensure that you and your employees are not buried under the bureaucracy. Check out the DC and identify your company ́s current IT security.


In a two-day IT base check for IT security in your company, Dreher Consulting assessesthe monetary effects and define a possible threat scenario. On this basis, we develop an IT basic protection tailored to your company.
The IT base check is based on

  • IT – Strategy
  • IT – Environment
  • IT – Organization
  • IT – Infrastructure
  • IT – Applications
  • IT – Outsourcing
  • IT – Cloud applications
  • IT – Mobility

After this audit, you will receive a report that gives you an overview of the status of the IT security in your company. This report contains the current status of your IT infrastructure and provides you with clear information on risks, security loopholes and necessary instructions.

IT Advanced – Check – the surplus value for your IT protection

In addition to the contents of the IT base check, the four-day audit also deals with your IT-supported business processes and your IT monitoring management. This makes processes of error handling, fault reconnection, the security and role concept as well as the system configuration of servers and operating systems and mobile security in your company visible.


  • IT – basis – check plus
  • IT – monitoring systems
  • IT – based business processes
  • IT – mobility

This report on the status of IT security is, of course, more comprehensive than the one from the basic check. Here you will get a comprehensive overview of your company’s IT system and organizational model. The IT Advanced Check also contains concrete proposals for necessary measures and the assessment of the Dreher Consulting experts on IT security measures implemented so far. As independent consultants, we focus on risk- and process-oriented analysis and recommendations, which make your IT system safer and more efficient. As you will see, our approach is systematic, transparent and successful and always focuses on the IT security of your company.