Process Optimisation

Maximise process performance by uncovering hidden inefficiencies with visual maps that leverage sustainable automation and machine learning. Get in touch
Let me explain how Dreher Consulting can support you in identifying process inefficiencies whilst maximising your companies performance, leveraging sustainable automation and AI." Dr. Harald Dreher - CEO & Founder, Dreher Consulting
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Selected Case Studies

Supply Industry & Production


W.Ruhsi GhbH was founded in 1949 by Mr. Walter Ruhsi, and specialises in the production of vendor parts for the contract furniture industry, especially table tops as well as the production and assembly of catering equipment. Particularly important is incorporating a high degree of automation and fast production changeovers.



In 1919, the Cooperative of German Tiled Stove and Air Heating Builders was founded in Stuttgart. Since then, Hagos has been supplying the trade with all components, materials and tools for the manufacture of tiled stoves and fireplaces. The company has 16 locations, with customers throughout Europe.

Food & Drink

Henry Lambertz GmbH & Co

One of the oldest companies in Germany, combines tradition and innovation in the field of biscuits and sweet snacks. Since 1998, Lambertz & Co expanded to supply internationally to Eastern Europe and the USA.

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