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Martini Sportswear

Number of Employees 50 Customer Focus B2C Martini Sportswear Austria, a modern family business with international operations, is committed to quality and service, a commitment shared by every one of its employees. The products of Martini Sportswear stand out for their multifunctionality, smart-casual design, and the high quality of both materials and craftsmanship.


Increasing Efficiency in the Textile Industry with Customised ERP Solutions

The textile industry faces a multitude of challenges, from design development to delivery and customer service, on an international level. Seasonal products, such as winter sports articles and products for summer sports, are supplemented by so-called mid-season articles. For a company in this highly competitive market, overcoming these challenges is crucial. Managing design, production, logistics, and the production of the right quantities in the right sizes, and dispatching them to customers requires good quality data on the one hand and an ERP system that can support the decisions of employees on the other.

Effectively managing these processes requires advanced technologies that enable a rapid response to market changes and ensure seamless integration into the supply chain. In this context, as independent ERP experts and a leading ERP system selection consultancy, we were commissioned by Martini Sportswear, a renowned sports textile manufacturer from Austria, to optimise its business processes and select a suitable ERP system.


Process Mapping and Optimisation as the Foundation for ERP Project Success

The principal task involved meticulously documenting and refining Martini Sportswear's existing processes. Our efforts concentrated on decreasing response times, enhancing supply chain management (SCM) processes, and incorporating a state-of-the-art warehouse management system. Through comprehensive analysis, we developed tailored solutions that not only boost efficiency but also facilitate agile adaptation to future market demands.


Selecting the Optimal ERP System for Martini Sportswear's Needs

A critical component of our consultancy involved choosing an ERP system that meets Martini Sportswear's unique needs across both the textile and retail sectors. The ideal system had to not only support the refined processes but also provide extensive features for customer relationship management (CRM), as well as service and helpdesk capabilities for B2B clients. Leveraging our expertise in drafting ERP requirements and mapping process flows, we were able to identify and qualify a system, ensuring it met all necessary criteria for a smooth integration into the company’s existing IT infrastructure and a new logistics system.

Key Points

Selecting and qualifying an ERP system is an intricate endeavour that necessitates an in-depth understanding of both company processes and the specific demands of the industry. Our collaboration with Martini Sportswear exemplifies the substantial benefits that professional consulting and the implementation of a tailored ERP system can bring, including marked efficiency gains and a competitive edge.

For entities in the textile sector that engage in both retail and wholesale activities, this strategy provides critical insights and direction towards achieving digital transformation. From conceptualising process optimisation to detailing requirements within an ERP specification, and through to the selection and management of the ERP software implementation project, firms can depend on our comprehensive expertise.



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