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How to Develop a CO2 Report according to CSDR

The CSRD's expansion of the NFRD will gradually subject around 50,000 European companies to reporting requirements beginning in 2024.

Here is who will be affected and when...

2024 First Report: 2025

Large Companies of Public Interest


  • Are already subject to the NFRD
2025 First Report: 2026

Large Companies

2 out of 3 criteria must be met:

  • Employees: 250 + 
  • Total Assets: Є20m +
  • Net turnover: Є40m +
2026 First Report: 2027

Listed SMEs

2 out of 3 criteria must be met:

  • Employees: 10 or fewer 
  • Total Assets: Є350,000 +
  • Sales: Є700,000 +
2028 First Report: 2029

Non-European Companies


  • Net Turnover: Є150m + (for the last two consecutive financial years)


  • At least one subsidiary branch in the EU with a turnover of Є40m +

Receive expert support and harness AI technology to calculate scope 3 emissions, which often constitute over 80% of your emissions profile.

These emissions are notoriously challenging due to their origin outside your business's direct control, such as those generated from activities such as supply chain operations, product use, and waste disposal.
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Upstream Activities
Scope 2 Indirect Emissions
purchased electricity, steam, heating & cooling for own use
Scope 3 Indirect Emissions
2purchased goods & services
3waste generated in operations
4capital goods
5business travel
6fuel & energy related activities
7employee commuting
8transportation and distribution
9leased assets
Reporting Co.
Scope 1 Direct Emissions
10company facilities
12company vehicles
Downstream Activities
Scope 3 Indirect Emissions
12transportation & distribution
13leased assets
15end-of-life treatment of sold products
19processing of sold products
19use of sold products

Wondering how to calculate your company's carbon footprint?

Streamline the process with our approach that we will walk you through.


  1. Emissions Assessment:
    Materiality assessment to identify emissions for measurement within Scopes 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Data Collection:
    Receive hands-on assistance in gathering required information from your company and supply chain
  3. Customised Data Integration:
    Tailor data collection methods to your company's digital maturity, from importing data to setting up API's for continuous compliance.
  4. AI-Powered Emissions Calculation
    Leverage a decade of data for accurate Scope 3 emissions calculation using AI technology.
  5. Regulatory-Compliant Reporting:
    Generate reports aligned with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol to track progress towards net zero and meet regulator requirements. Export carbon data for standard frameworks such as GRI, CDP, Nasday ESG, TCFD, SASB and SECR.

Now that you have your report, what's the next step?

We can help you:
  • Examine emissions hotspots 
  • Identify and strategic guidance on next steps
  • Review supply chain

Our adept Sustainability consultants, coupled with a comprehensive process and software experience, ensure we focus on sustainability actions that deliver real business benefits.


Choose Dreher Consulting for a strategic partnership that ensures compliance while driving sustainable business growth.

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