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"For a successful ERP project you need experienced, highly skilled, reliable support from your project management team. In this video I explain why Dreher Consulting is the right choice for your next project." Dr. Harald Dreher - CEO & Founder, Dreher Consulting
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The right project management ...


When introducing ERP software, there is always a discussion about the right project management for project success.

A professional ERP project manager can significantly reduce or even eliminate the risks of failure.

Mostly, insufficient project planning and project control in ERP projects are the reason for their failure.

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Inadequate project planning and project control in ERP projects


From our practical experience, we know very well the problems our clients face when implementing IT projects. A large number of failed or critical projects can be traced back to a lack of project management. Using employees without years of management experience for ERP projects carries a high risk. Professionally executed overall project planning brings transparency to the presentation of dependencies and risks and provides the necessary information for management in project controlling.

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Approach to ERP project management


Requirement specification

In project management, we ensure that we stay within internationally recognised standards and norms. We always discuss the limits and possibilities of these standards with our clients. Our aim is to ensure that an ERP project management efficiently and effectively achieves the set goals within the time and budget plan.


Traditional and Agile project management

Depending on the requirements, we rely on the use of the waterfall or V-model to achieve the objectives. In this way, we ensure that the project is clearly and structurally defined and can be systematically processed and implemented.

In agile project management, we use techniques such as Scrum or Kanban to achieve quick results within the framework of prototyping. In hybrid project management, we use a framework that makes use of the advantages of both models by combining agile processes, methods, tools and roles. 

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What you get from us?

  • Experienced ERP project managers as direct contacts
  • 24/7 availability, if necessary
  • Representation of your interests vis-à-vis the software implementer and the ERP software house
  • A framework for agile, traditional or hybrid project management
  • Project standards for a targeted and successful project
  • Use of the latest IT tools for project management
  • Project risk management
  • Project controlling
  • Project control

Selected Case Studies


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Martini Sportswear Austria, a modern family business with international operations, is committed to quality and service, a commitment shared by every one of its employees. The products of Martini Sportswear stand out for their multifunctionality, smart-casual design, and the high quality of both materials and craftsmanship.



Yfood offers a wholesome and simple alternative for those moments when there's little time to eat a balanced diet. Today, YFood stands as the German market leader in the smart food category. It is available for order in over 30 countries and has also become an integral component of brick-and-mortar retail.


Ineratec GmbH

Through trusting cooperation with its customers from industry and partners from applied research, INERATEC has built up an excellent international reputation in the field of innovative chemical reactor technology and beyond.

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