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Find out how Dreher Consulting can support you in achieving a digital transformation whilst incorporating emerging technologies in your business to realise your company's digital future." Dr. Harald Dreher - Head of Digitalisation
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The challenge of a digital transformation


Realising the digital transformation of a company, a business unit or a local administration is a major challenge. In most cases, this digital transformation is accompanied by a change management initiative that covers all areas. Market focus, the value proposition to customers, the reorganisation of the supply chain and, above all, the value contribution of employees are essential in a digital transformation.

In many cases, a digital transformation is also necessary to remain employable and therefore competitive. Our consultancy in the area of digital transformation offers you leading support in all of these tasks.

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Digital Transformation – Action Plan


Embarking on a digital transformation initiative can be a major challenge for both management and staff due to the changes that accompany the implementation of new technologies and the optimisation of business processes.

The focus of our work is therefore not the marketing term "digitalisation", but the implementation of a digital transformation. This is not a marketing idea or gimmick, but part of our company DNA. We are implementation consultants here to support our clients through our work and expert knowledge to ensure their companies remain competitive in a digital world.

Mapping the industry value chain

What do you receive as part of a digital transformation consultation?


We do not build the tasks of a digital transformation as a strict plan to be worked through sequentially, but rather rely on an approach of 10 key success factors in our consulting.

Activities and measures are processed both in parallel and sequentially. At the same time, this project procedure model is adapted to the requirements of your industry, your customers and your situation.

Together with you, we create a team to promote the digital transformation and establish it as an implementation driver. Together we define a strategic vision and implement it step by step.

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We create a joint roadmap for the implementation of the digital transformation and involve your employees.
All measures derived from the strategy are checked for their economic benefit, implemented and readjusted if necessary.

We jointly define an individual training roadmap so that the digital transformation can be implemented with your employees.

We compare and evaluate your digital capabilities with those of your competitors and in the context of best-of-breed examples.
Where does your industry stand overall in terms of digital maturity? (digital readiness). Who are the leading players in the digitalisation of your industry? We answer these and many more questions in a digital transformation initiative.


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Digital Disruption ...


Another component of our digital transformation service is the assessment of your position in the context of disruptive factors that your industry or company has to reckon with. These can be not only known competitors, but also unexpected new competitors. They may well be competitors with a higher qualitative approach or low-cost newcomers or quite nimble digital natives.

Reputation management in a globalised digital world, PR issues and threats from IT security incidents are now more important than ever. Together with you, we create a digital transformation roadmap, with concrete tasks and milestones. The development and implementation pace for advanced ERP software or AI elements for transformation depends on your digital transformation and its readiness, as well as on your budget.

Our experience shows that a relatively small team can get two large AI applications and digital technologies on the road to digital transformation in six months.

Pioneers of digital disruption bain


How could benchmarking be designed if you work with us?

  • Review of current approaches to digital transformation in your industry
  • Ranking your capabilities in comparison to competitors and other companies
  • Identifying best practices and process models of market leaders in digitalisation
  • Developing a roadmap to improve online benchmarking capabilities to measure the degree of implementation of a digital transformation


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