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SECR Reporting Framework: All You Need to Know

3 min

Master Data

Do you underestimate the power of master data for the success of your ERP project?


Digital Transformation - What you need to know & how to get it right

Digital Transformation is not only important for businesses, it's absolutely vital! Most companies have understood this by now. Yet, they still ...

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Sustainability: simple, effective best practices for businesses

Sustainability is an important concept for businesses to consider. Companies should strive to use sustainable business practices that reduce their ...


Remote Working: The Environmental Solution we Anticipated?

The Covid-19 pandemic sparked an unprecedented shift to remote work, accelerating the ongoing trend towards flexible, digitalised working ...


Insider Info from a Sustainability Consultant - What you need to know

A sustainability consultant advises organisations on sustainable business practices to reduce their environmental impact and improve their social ...


What is an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy?

In this publication we explain all you need to know about ESG sustainability strategies and how they can be leveraged for your ...


Using a Sustainability Assessment to define a sustainability benchmark

Sustainability has become a buzzword that is increasingly relevant to business operations today. In a world where stakeholders are looking for ...


How a Sustainability report can save your business money today

As businesses continue to take their environmental and social responsibilities more seriously, many are turning towards sustainability reports as ...

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Seizing digitisation as an opportunity

How to seize the opportunity of digitisation for your business

Requirement Specification Vs. Functional Specification

Our how to guide on specifications

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How to create and implement a Digital Strategy (Part 2)

How to create and implement a Digital Strategy (Part 1)

Digital Transformation is a hot topic right now. It's more than just a buzzword, though. Digital Transformation is crucial for businesses to stay ...

What is an IT Strategy and why is it valuable for your business?

We're moving from the Digital Strategy to its big brother: The IT Strategy! If you're thinking "aren't these two the same?!", then you should ...

What does an independent ERP Consultant do, exactly?

Ok, the word Consultant is kind of self explanatory. Consultants... consult. So far so good. But what does that entail? What does an ERP consultant ...

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