ERP Consulting and Specifications

The ERP specifications describe the processes required in the context of a new ERP implementation, containing existing requirements as well as new processes to be supported. Get in touch

ERP consulting and specifications


The creation of an ERP requirements specification is one of the most important steps in the context of an ERP selection. 

As a basis for good requirements management, a specification is indispensable. A high-quality requirements specification enables a clear statement of the goals your company wants to achieve in the context of customer focus, business processes and process data quality.

An inadequate requirements concept and thus usually also an average ERP specification sheet, take their revenge at the latest after the software partner has been commissioned. This is always evident when customers ask us to stabilise and rescue a faltering EPR project or one that has run out of budget.

Woman writing ERP Specification

What makes a good specification?


A good specification is able to map your business model of tomorrow, including requirements that will be effective today and in the future. A good specification should not describe a long list of functions and functional requirements. The requirements specification should provide the future software supplier with a quick and comprehensive overview of your requirements and the process model without getting lost in the details. Classic selection procedures with infinitely long Excel function lists (which often still appear in the market) are not suitable for capturing and verifying requirements in the context of digitalisation, digital transformation and data analysis.

This also applies to tools that enable software selection on the web. Such selections are usually made on the basis of a few criteria that exclude many relevant requirements. Caution should also be used with platforms that get paid for their recommendations or are endorsed by software providers. Your new ERP software must support current and future processes, as such they must be defined in ERP specifications, creating clarity for you and for potential providers. 

Man analysing ERP Requirements

How do we create a high quality specification?


We create the foundations so that the requirements from process management can be represented. To do this, we use the latest tools for data analysis and process mining.

We analyse your data for data quality (especially for master data) and develop the requirements together with you through systematic requirement engineering.

Our internal quality assurance checks every requirement specification for correlations and, above all, for causal relationships. In this way, we ensure that the individual requirements do not contradict each other.

ERP Consulting and Specifications

What you get from us?

  • ERP consultants experienced in your industry as direct contacts
  • Rapid ACTUAL recording of your existing processes using modern process mining software and data analysis tools
  • Creation of requirements for the specifications with the business units
  • Consolidation of the decentralised requirements
  • Implementation of quality assurance with weighting and logic testing
  • Creation of requirements in the context of interfaces
  • Creation of requirements and documentation of workflows and approval procedures 
  • User and role concepts for the use of a new ERP software including initial rights management
  • Text and graphics for the finalisation of the requirements specification
  • Consulting in the context of optimising business processes


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