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Dreher Consulting, your expert partner in navigating the changing terrain of sustainability reporting

Our comprehensive services are designed to assist organisations in effectively assessing, collecting, integrating, and reporting their emissions data, ensuring alignment with the latest environmental standards and regulatory requirements.

By choosing Dreher Consulting, you are choosing a path towards sustainable success, equipped with the tools and expertise to streamline your sustainability journey.

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How to Achieve Compliance with E.U. Law ...


The strategy - How we approach the solution:

First step. The most important.

You need to know your status. Then you can weave together how to create the strategy.

How to meet and exceed the requirements now and moving forwards for the future.

Step 1
Measure Emissions

Sustainability reporting splits greenhouse gas emissions into three scopes for a detailed environmental impact analysis.

Scope 1 includes an organisation’s direct emissions, like those from owned facilities. Scope 2 covers indirect emissions from purchased energy. Scope 3 encompasses all other indirect emissions across the organisation's value chain, such as business travel and waste disposal. These scopes help companies understand and reduce their carbon footprint comprehensively.

By leveraging process optimisation and detailed analysis of existing operational processes to identify areas of inefficiency.

The implementation of lean management principles and employing the latest sustainability practices, to enhance efficiency and optimise performance.

This holistic approach ensures that our clients achieve significant reductions in their environmental footprint but also enhance their operational efficiency and sustainability performance in the long term.

Ensure compliance both now and in the future, through the continued optimisation and review of key processes, to not only meet but exceed regulatory EU requirements.

Adopting a dynamic approach to process improvement, we focus on enhancing operational efficiencies and integrating sustainable practices that align with evolving environmental standards in your company.


Boasting over 30 years of experience as independent consultants in Europe.

Our unique blend of seasoned sustainability expertise and comprehensive ERP system knowledge gives clients a competitive edge. With a profound grasp of data management, supply chain complexities, and process optimisation, our integrated approach melds sustainability services with existing systems.

This makes Dreher Consulting an ideal partner for businesses adapting to the ever-changing realm of sustainability reporting.

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Find out who will be affected and when by the CSRD standards?

The Corperate Sustainability Reporting Directive's (CSRD) expansion of the Non Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) will gradually subject around 50,000 European companies to reporting requirements beginning in 2024.
2024 First Report: 2025

Large Companies of Public Interest


  • Are already subject to the NFRD
2025 First Report: 2026

Large Companies

2 out of 3 criteria must be met:

  • Employees: 250 + 
  • Total Assets: Є20m +
  • Net turnover: Є40m +
2026 First Report: 2027

Listed SMEs

2 out of 3 criteria must be met:

  • Employees: 10 or fewer 
  • Total Assets: Є350,000 +
  • Sales: Є700,000 +
2028 First Report: 2029

Non-European Companies


  • Net Turnover: Є150m + (for the last two consecutive financial years)


  • At least one subsidiary branch in the EU with a turnover of Є40m +

Navigating CSRD Reporting:

Why choose Dreher Consulting?



Dreher Consulting offers comprehensive sustainability services designed to streamline CSRD reporting including Scope 3 preparation. Our project management ensures efficient reporting processes, while change management integrates sustainability into business operations.

We optimise supply chains to reduce environmental impact, crucial for Scope 3 insights. Stakeholder engagement improves transparency, and our double materiality assessments pinpoint key sustainability risks and opportunities. Through targeted training, we build capacity for enduring compliance.

These strategies prepare businesses to not only comply with but lead in sustainability reporting, establishing them as models of corporate environmental responsibility.

"To ensure regulatory compliance businesses based within Europe should prepare now to ensure their compliance"


Project Management

Our expert project managers efficiently drive sustainability initiatives. We guide your projects from start to finish, ensuring alignment with ESG principles for beneficial impacts on both your business and the environment.

Implement sustainability practices smoothly with our change management experts. They ensure a seamless transition, helping your team integrate sustainability deeply into your organisational culture.

We conduct a detailed review of the sustainability practices in your supply chain and work closely with your suppliers to improve their performance. This collaboration ensures responsible sourcing and operational efficiency. However, addressing Scope 3 emissions is a complex challenge, particularly in sectors like consumer packaged goods (CPG), where a supply chain can involve up to 10,000 companies. Consequently, accurately measuring these emissions annually is an intricate and demanding process

Enhanced Stakeholder Collaboration: Specialising in facilitating meaningful interactions, we work to inform and enhance your sustainability strategies and reporting. Our engagement involves deep dialogues to understand and integrate stakeholder concerns and expectations into your sustainability framework.

Comprehensive Materiality Insights: We provide an in-depth double materiality assessment, crucial for aligning your sustainability reporting with both financial and non-financial impacts. Our approach includes analysing how sustainability issues affect your business and your business's impact on the environment and society.


Sustainability Training and Organisational Development: Dedicated to educating your employees and management on the latest sustainability practices and reporting requirements, we build internal competencies and resilience. Our goal is to equip your team to maintain and grow your sustainability efforts over the long term.


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