In the Eyes of Many Experts, Digitalization is the Supreme Discipline in Management Today ...

Surveys and studies on Digital Strategy and the transformation of business models leave the impression that almost all companies are somehow concerned with Digitalization. A closer look reveals that there are a large number of publications on the topic of Technologies, Digital Transformation, Innovation and Services. However, this contrasts with a small number of publications that deal with the actual implementation and the path to a Digital Transformation. This is where our Digital Strategy Consulting service comes in.

How Does Our Digital Strategy Consulting Support You?

We come in to realise the implementation of an idea of Digital Transformation for you and your company. Our service "Digital Strategy Consulting" is therefore less a description of the technology or the I.T. infrastructure. We focus on key aspects that directly help you to use the opportunities arising from digitalisation for the further development of services and products in order to realise possible increases in productivity and innovations.

The focus of our work is not the marketing concept of Digitalisation, but the Implementation of Digital Transformation. This is not a marketing idea, but part of our DNA. We define ourselves as implementation consultants to support our Clients with our work and expert knowledge in making their own companies competitive in a Digital World.

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Our Approach to Digital Strategy Consulting


We first develop a common understanding of digitization with your management and employees. In this way, we achieve a uniform basis for understanding how a Digitisation Strategy can bring competitive advantages to your Company. We assess Digitization Initiatives that have already been started and possibly implemented. Our Experts will model the necessary next steps, time and resource requirements as well as the Target Definition of the planned steps to digitize your business model in the context of your existing business models. The benefit for your company: A Qualitative Assessment of your digital readiness - i.e. your starting point for a Digital Transformation - which is the most valuable basis for your company's Digital Strategy.


A Digital Transformation is not an end in itself. Therefore, it is important for you to identify the Digitalisation topics that are effective for the individual business models.

This makes the transformation from Analogue to Digital Business Models, processes and services easier and more targeted. 

The benefit for your company being: 

Clear definition and clear specifications for the implementation of digitalisation in the business models. 

Clear solutions for business and interaction with your customers. Focus on transformation and solutions.


Before solutions for Digitalization can be developed, it is necessary to take stock of the competitive environment. Questions about digitalization pressure, the discontinuation of existing business models, pressure on the analogue value creation process and much more are highlighted here. This assessment is the basis for further business solutions and, in the context of Strategy Consulting, an assessment of Future Changes and Digital Trends. 

The benefit for your Company: Elaboration of the threats to your Company from disruption with Digital business models, Life-Cycle and Maturity Assessment of existing Business Models. Assessment of Digital Trends. Assessment of changes in the competitive situation due to Digitalization efforts of competitors.

What Do You Get from Us?

  • An assessment of your current situation regarding Digitalization 

  • An assessment of your Industry's Digitalization trends and Digital Strategy

  • As assessment of your digitalization situation (digitalization readiness) with regard to necessary business initiatives

  • A Road Map for the Digital Transformation of your Company

  • Digital Strategy Consulting to improve your Competitiveness 


Use the Experience of Consultants to Define Your Digital Strategy and Create the Basis for the Subsequent Digital Transformation.


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