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Dreher Consulting has a deep understanding of the needs and challenges associated with industry verticals across the globe. We provide consulting services to a wide range of industries including Information Technology & Telecommunications, Manufacturing & Engineering, Retail & Supply Chain Management, Financial Services & Banking, Professional Services & Consulting, Medical Technology & Home care, and Start-Ups.

Our team of knowledgeable experts is committed to helping our clients navigate their respective markets for greater success. We stay up-to-date with industry trends and regulations in order to provide our clients with the highest quality advice, service and solutions.

Medical Technologies & Home Care

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Supply Industry & Production

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Plant & Mechanical Engineering

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Investors & Finance

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Food & Drink

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Professional Services

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Construction & Development

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Retail, Distribution & Consumer goods

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Frequently asked Questions

You are on the right page! We provide consulting services to a wide range of industries including Information Technology & Telecommunications, Manufacturing & Engineering, Retail & Supply Chain Management, Financial Services & Banking, Professional Services & Consulting, Medical Technology & Home care, and Sports & Products and many more.


As an experienced consulting firm, our approach to working in industry verticals has adapted over time. We first gain a comprehensive understanding of our client's individual needs and objectives, then provide tailored solutions for their specific project requirements.

In the three decades of consulting we have gained valuable insights into each industry's specific challenges and how best to address them. Our experience has grown alongside the ever-changing markets, resulting in an ability to anticipate future trends and develop innovative strategies accordingly.

We are committed to staying continually up-to-date with developments within our particular industry verticals, so as to better serve our clients' needs over time.

Don't worry! Please get in touch and speak to us one to one. We will be happy to discuss your requirements or 'pain points' and identify which of our skilled consultants would be the best fit in providing a solution for you.

At Dreher we work closely with clients to develop an understanding of their unique needs and objectives. Through a process of open dialogue, we gain insights into the individual requirements of each client and create tailored solutions to their specific project requirements.

Our experts collaborate to ensure that all aspects of a project are managed effectively on an ongoing daily basis to guarantee the best outcome for our clients. Through regularly monitoring project progress, adapting solutions when they require refinement, and providing necessary technical support when needed - we are committed to providing comprehensive service outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations each and every time.

Dreher Consulting provides change management support, end-user training, and ongoing post-implementation assistance as required. Please speak to one of our consultants should you have any concerns about post implementation working.

Very easily. Please check out our testimonials site where you can see and hear from companies and people we have worked with previously who are currently working in your industry.

If you would like more information, please get in touch, our consultants would be pleased to speak to you.

Simply, yes it does.  Each Industry has its own unique challenges and objectives, occasionally these are shared by other industries, however possessing a detailed knowledge and understanding of a clients industry ensures we as consultants can provide a tailored solution for each client to achieve only the finest results.

All our consultants at Dreher are experts with first hand experience from the industries in which they consult.    

We understand that the success of our consulting projects is directly related to the satisfaction and trust of our clients.

Our team of experts are constantly working on fine tuning our approach to ensure that every project we take on is effectively managed and completed according to the highest industry standards.

We ensure this by thoroughly analysing our clients’ requirements, developing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs, and continuously monitoring all aspects of the project until it has been successfully completed. Furthermore, our team provides a range of individual support services throughout any given project in order to ensure its success.

First, and most importantly, don't panic!

Dreher offers a full range of project recovery services ranging from simple advice through to deploying industry specific project managers to lead your company's failing project through to a successful conclusion.

However, in this case time is often the critical factor, failing projects can cost companies thousands every day. To reduce the chances of this - please contact one of our team directly, to discuss your concerns and take the first step to finding a solution.

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