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A successful ERP implementation within your company - delivered on time and to budget is possible. In this video I explain how Dreher Consulting can help you achieve this." Dr. Harald Dreher - CEO & Founder, Dreher Consulting
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The goal of an ERP project is a successful ERP introduction, the implementation of the ERP requirements and the acceptance of a functioning ERP software. The focus must always be on improving the processes. The formulation of requirements for digitalisation or to offer customers new services or products is an essential part of an ERP specification and a later ERP specification.

Ensuring a smooth, efficient business process flow from procurement to delivery must be defined in a requirement specification. These requirements must be realised in the ERP implementation project by the ERP software partner who has gone through the hurdles of a systematic qualification and selection process.

In this way, you avoid mistakes during the introduction of your new ERP system and receive software that fully supports your employees in live operation.

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How can a successful ERP implementation be ensured?


After an ERP selection has been made, the actual task follows: the introduction of the software in the company. If mistakes are made during project planning, they will multiply during the course of the project and can have an enormous impact on duration and costs.



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What is the success factor for an ERP implementation?


Most important for a successful ERP implementation is clearly a professional project management.

The composition of the internal and external project team is an important factor for the success of the ERP project. The search for the right key users, their task definition and the training of their role understanding are already the first challenges for the employees involved.

It is important for the company that the processes are in the foreground and that these are considered and coordinated within the framework of the entire value chain. This task is a challenge - even for experts. The use of milestones and the setting of goals at short intervals is a contribution to a successful ERP implementation. It must be taken into account that software providers usually also use individual implementation methods and that the project team must familiarise itself with the implementation methodology.

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What an independent ERP implementation achieves

An ERP implementation is directly defined by the contract design with the software provider. We offer our clients all support related to contract management. If legal advice is needed, we use specialised IT law firms. Our ERP consultants prepare the complete ERP project planning with milestones, intermediate goals and sub-projects in coordination with the software house. We use project management techniques such as Prince2 or PMI specifications for this. Project management with agile methods, or Scrum Sprints, are just as standard as the use of classic, successful waterfall methodology. 
The reporting and management dashboards we use during ERP implementation are extremely valuable for our clients.

The use of the Dreher Consulting methodology enables companies to successfully implement an ERP project with maximum speed and highest quality standards. Stringent "live" planning helps to minimise risks and initiate measures where necessary. No project management for the introduction of ERP software for which we are responsible has ever failed.

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What you get from us?

  • A proven and continuously optimised project procedure focussing on risk management, target definition, budget and resource use.
  • Project work with your staff to gain an understanding of the (measurable) project goal and the process model
  • Change management as part of the project work 
  • Full support in representing your performance claims towards the software partner 
  • Organisation of deadlines and tasks as well as documentation of project progress
  • Management reports on the progress, status and "project health" of your ERP project
  • Support in the implementation of standards in the context of ERP introductions
  • Our ERP consultants are the first point of contact for the software supplier in the event of deviations from the standard or requirements 
  • ERP project key data reporting and implementation of quality assurance acceptance scenarios

Selected Case Studies


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