Contract Signed, and Then What?



The goal of an ERP project is a successful ERP implementation: specifically the implementation of both the ERP requirements and the acceptance of a functioning ERP software. The focus on improving the processes must be maintained but above all, it must be possible to realise improvements from the Client's perspective on the process or ERP processes. Requirements for Digitalisation in order to make new services or products available to Clients are essential components of ERP specifications and later ERP specifications. Ensuring a smooth, efficient business process flow from procurement to delivery must be defined in a requirement specification. These requirements must be realised in the ERP implementation project by the ERP Software Partner who has gone through the hurdles of a systematic qualification and selection process. Companies that have adopted this within their approach will avoid mistakes with the introduction of an ERP system and receive a software that fully supports the Clients in real time operation.

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How can a Successful ERP Implementation be Guaranteed?

After an ERP selection has been completed, the next stage is the introduction of the software within the company and this is where experience and discipline really pay off. If mistakes have already been made at the Project Planning stage, they will multiply as the project progresses and can have an enormous impact upon both Time and Costs.


What Is the Primary Success Factor for an ERP Implementation?

Professional Project Management - functional Project Management is vital!

The composition of the Internal and External Project Team is an important factor for the ultimate success of the ERP project. The search for the right Key-Users, their task definition and training of the 'Key-User role' understanding is the first and most important challenge for the employees involved.

For the Company, it is important that the processes are in the foreground and that these are considered and coordinated within the framework of the entire Value Chain. This task is a challenge - even for Experts! The use of milestones, defining and realising goals in short intervals all contribute to a successful ERP implementation. It must be realised that software providers normally also use individual implementation methods and that the project team must familiarise itself with the implementation methodology.

What Must an Independent ERP Implementation Achieve?

An ERP Implementation is directly defined by the Contract Design. We provide our Clients with all support related to Contract Management. If legal advice is required, we use specialized I.T. Law Firms. Our ERP Consultants prepare the complete ERP Project Planning with Milestones, Intermediate goals and sub-projects in coordination with the ERP or I.T. Software house, whilst successfully implementing Project Management Techniques including: 'Prince2' or 'PMI' guidelines, whilst recognizing Resource Planning and Staff availability remain important additional Success Factors.

There are many demands placed upon project organisation including: the implementation of the specifications, the elimination of any hurdles that arise during the implementation and conclude with the acceptance of the business processes. Project Management incorporating Agile Methods, or Scrum Sprints, are just as standard as the use of the classic, successful 'Waterfall Methodology'. Dreher Consulting services for ERP Implementation delivers the experience of over two decades of successful ERP Implementation projects and  and their Do's and Don'ts.

The Project Management Tools we use help all parties involved to maintain focus on the success of the project, to avoid mistakes in the implementation or the assessment of To-Do's and in their quality of execution. The Reporting and Management Dashboards we use during the ERP Implementation are extremely valuable for our Clients.

The use of the Dreher Consulting methodology enables Companies to successfully implement an ERP Project with maximum speed and deliver the highest quality standards. The risks of an ERP project and ERP project implementation are minimized by our Risk Management. Stringent "live" real time planning assists to control these risks and to implement further measures where necessary.

Dreher Consulting's Project Management Team has never failed in successfully delivering and dynamically implementing ERP Software, consistently exceeding Client requirements and expectations...

What Do You Get from Us?

  • A successful tried and tested, continually optimized Project Plan with a focus on Risk Management, Target Definition, Budget, Time Schedule and use of Resources
  • Project work with your Staff and the Project Team to gain an understanding of the (measurable) Project Goal, the Process Model, the Project Work, Methodology and the CoOperation.
  • Change Management as part of the project work in the run-up to Implementation, during implementation and during the realisation of new business processes.
  • Full support to represent your performance claims towards the Software Partner during the implementation and acceptance of the ERP Software.
  • Organisation of Deadlines, To Do's and documentation of the Project progress
  • Management reporting for the Executive Board on the progress, status and "Project Health" of an ERP project
  • Our ERP Experts support the implementation of standards in the context of ERP Introductions.
  • Our ERP Consultants are the first point of contact for the Software Supplier in questions of change requests and deviations from the standard or requirements from the ERP Specifications.
  • Creation of acceptance scenarios and test cases for the transfer of the test operation to a later live operation. Data transfer scenarios for the transfer of Master Data and definition of Master Data Quality.
  • ERP Project Key data reporting and implementation of Quality Assurance acceptance scenarios

Take Advantage of Our Tried and Tested Premium Full Service Concept and Consulting Services From the Initial Idea for the Search and Identification of Software Through to the Integration of an ERP Project in Order to Keep Your Risks as Low as Possible.


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