Successful ERP Projects require a high level of commitment from everyone involved. As a rule, enthusiasm and commitment remain high at the beginning of an ERP project. Project planning shows the planned course and those involved are confident that the goals will be achieved, resources are also planned and made available. Despite all these preparations and project planning, the chance that an ERP project goes off the rails is always a possibility. Time and again there are projects that do not take the planned course...


What Can Be Done When an ERP Project Crashes or Gets into Difficulties?


What signs are there to recognize the state of health of an ERP Project? There is a close correlation between the Project Plan defined at the start of the project and the Project Schedule experienced throughout the course of a project with delays and postponements. Likewise, unmistakable warning signs such as when budgets get out of hand or it is realised that the original goals of the project were over ambitious and unobtainable. This is usually the starting signal for the management to employ an ERP project rescue.

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In Search of the Right ‘Next Step’ in the Project


The consequences of rescuing a project from a serious predicament are manageable. The alternative courses of action are as follows, dependent upon the project status or duration:

  • Should the Project be stopped?
  • Could the Project be stopped at all? Or is it part of a larger business initiative that builds on each other?
  • Are there possibilities to save the Project as a whole or at least parts of it?
  • What costs will still be incurred if the Project is continued?
  • What costs will be incurred if the Project is discontinued?
  • What acceptance does the project still have among the Project participants?
  • What measures must be taken to continue the project and thus achieve the originally defined ERP Project goal?
  • Which Project Planning promises success and must be established?

Procedure For an ERP Project Rescue or ERP Recovery


We would conduct an Independent fact check with you, your Stakeholders and your Project Staff in a commitment of a few days with a Recovery Audit (Assessment). This would enable us to work out the scope and subsequent options for an ERP Project Recovery. The focus of the work would be on calculating the risks involved in a successful ERP Recovery:

  • What does it mean to continue with the complete project scope?
  • What would be the impact of a partial continuation of project parts?
  • What would be the effects of a complete project stop?

What do You Get from Us?

  • Independent ERP consulting to assess the status of the ERP project.
  • ERP project status based on your implementation progress to date to assess project implementation performance.
  • Decision-making basis for further activities for an ERP project recovery or project rescue
  • Decision-making basis for a project termination and subsequent necessary backup measures
  • Creation of a clear roadmap in each case for an ERP project continuation or also a possible project termination

  • Statements on Risk Management
  • Project Management with Milestones and a Project Methodology that keeps the risks in focus in the event of a project rescue and can thus make a successful ERP project possible.
  • Statements on User acceptance
  • Statements on the degree of integration into your current I.T. system landscape
  • An independent ERP Consultancy that has only one goal: To successfully implement your ERP Project.

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