The main objective of our ERP consulting in ERP selection is, to reduce the risk of an incorrect system and vendor selection. We focus on the business process characteristics of our customers and, combined with the evaluation of the economic benefits, we are able to provide information for the selection of an ERP system. We focus on identifying and eliminating potential risks due to high costs during the project. Our holistic approach, considering the process landscape and processes that add value to customer management, enables us to identify, highlight and realize opportunities for increasing productivity and reducing costs.

  • An ERP software selection is a long-term impact and risk related decision for a company
  • Independent consulting on the IT strategy as well as the embedding of the ERP software in the context of digitalization, help to reduce the risks of a wrong decision
  • Supporting experts with know-how and best practice knowledge from many projects aids to reduce costs and avoid mistakes


Since 1992, Dreher Consulting has worked on several hundred ERP projects. Dreher Consulting selected ERP software, implemented it as project supervisor on behalf of the customers and approved the software installation for quality assurance purposes. Therefore, we can rely on an extensive range of experience and best-practice procedures to avoid the typical mistakes of ERP selection and ERP implementation.

Based on this long experience, we have defined two important phases.

  1. Phase of supplier- or system selection
  2. Phase of operational introduction (implementation phase)

These two phases differ so much in their requirements, that we have deliberately chosen this separation in order to reduce the risks for our customers.

Each of company ́s consultancy offers is based on the DC ERP 360 degree methodology. For years, it has developed from ERP software selection to process optimization and implementation projects. Our methodology provides the foundation and framework to ensure, that each ERP project adheres to the guidelines, procedural patterns and principles, essential for ERP success. This includes all projects, which we summarize in the language of ERP. In detail, these include master data management, finance and controlling, personnel labor and travel expenses, logistics and purchasing programs, as well as the core content of ERP software and merchandise management for guiding production and trade. Our consulting and services constitute a great advantage for companies that are just starting an ERP project, as well as for companies looking for support during and after the implementation. Because we know how to successfully implement a project and how to optimize existing systems.


In order to manage projects efficiently and to meet the requirements of our customers, we employ excellently trained consultants. We also use the skills of many ERP experts around the world, which we integrate into our projects. Our consultants have several years ́ consulting experience and are extensively trained. Our experts have mastered the necessary project management methodology, have knowledge of the software implementation procedure and extensive social and communicative competence. Our consultants make intensive and effective utilization of the most modern technologies, methods and experience from best practice cases in order to lead customer projects to success. Instead of focusing on just one aspect of ERP consulting, our consultants have built their reputation on the fact make their experience andexpertise available to our clients before, during and after the project.


With our 360-degree service concept we ensure, that our customers, with the help of our consulting and project management, make certain, that the software supplier realises its ERP implementation on time and within the budget. We also ensure, that the improvements, defined in our requirements concept, are achieved. Thus, our clients can be sure that they will receive the required performance – usually an improvement in competitiveness – by installing the software.

The Dreher Consulting ERP consultants are your allies and lobbyists over the implementing software house. Our 360-degree approach ensures, that there is a qualified acceptance procedure in which all functions, workflows and, all interfaces to previous programs are tested in the company. This increases the security for our customers that the installation corresponds to the requirements of the target specifications.

Therefore, questions concerning the commencement of the warranty can be clearly answered and defined.