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With over 30 years of independent consulting experience, Dreher Consulting offers unparalleled support during your ERP project. Let me explain exactly how." Dr. Harald Dreher - CEO & Founder, Dreher Consulting
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What are the benefits of professional, independent ERP consulting?


The goal of our ERP consultancy in ERP selection is to drastically reduce the risk of a wrong system and vendor selection. We focus on the business process characteristics of our clients and together with the evaluation of the economic benefits we are able to provide our clients with information for the selection of an ERP system.


Why does independent ERP consulting make sense?


Independent ERP consulting makes sense because it is committed to improving your competitiveness. Process optimisation is the focus, not a software product or ERP software house. We focus primarily on identifying and eliminating potential risks due to high or escalating costs during the course of the project. Through our holistic approach, which looks at the process landscape and the processes that lead to value creation in customer management, we are able to recognise, highlight and realise opportunities to increase productivity and reduce costs.

ERP projects are always projects that involve or influence almost all areas of a company. As a rule, employees and teams know what they expect from an ERP project. This applies to functions as well as processes that should or must be improved. Again and again we hear from software houses or ERP implementations that an ERP project is a project of the customer, where the ERP software house only stands aside to implement the software. Is this really the case, or can or should companies introducing ERP software expect the software house to also take responsibility for the project? It is precisely at this point that the question of professional advice and support arises for the first time, in order to inform oneself precisely about such questions, to obtain best practice and thus to reduce project risks.


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Choose the service package that is the best fit.

New Digital ERP Consulting

For smaller companies

from 4.900 €excl. Tax

What's included in this package?

  • Definition of requirements with ERP experts
  • Vendor proposals by ERP experts
  • Results workshop with ERP experts

Innovative Advanced ERP Consulting

For the 'do-it yourselfers'

from 7.900 €excl. Tax

What's included in this package?

  • Project procedure model
  • Templates & documents for requirements and tender
  • Proposals for vendor selection by ERP experts
  • Quality assurance web meeting with ERP experts

Full Service ERP Consulting



What's included in this package?

  • Workshops on business & IT requirements
  • Digital business model
  • Process optimisation
  • Requirement Engineering
  • Requirements specification
  • Qualification of software providers
  • Risk management, QA & project control
  • Project Management Introduction
  • Test Management/Acceptance

What results can ERP consulting achieve?


From practice we know the situation of companies, project teams and project managers when it comes to initiating an ERP project.

Only rarely are there project teams in which experienced members have already been responsible for such an IT project. Usually, individual team members have been involved in sub-projects or sub-tasks before. However, this is usually not sufficient to ensure the success of an ERP project that affects the entire company.

The earlier in an ERP project expertise is brought in, the lower the risks that can have an exponentially negative impact as the project progresses. To provide you with exactly this support, we have developed ERP consulting as a service.

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Approach to independent ERP consultancy and ERP consulting


Laying the foundations

In a first phase, we use all the tools at our disposal to get an overview of the current state of information and situation. These are classic interviews and workshops as well as modern process mining software.


Structuring and building an optimal project plan

A decisive success factor is the design of a structured process model. Clear, comprehensible performance and delivery dates for requirements documentation, software qualification and key performance indicators (KPIs) are basic prerequisites for a successful ERP project.

This procedure and the knowledge of experienced ERP consultants will help you to successfully realise your ERP project directly, immediately and in the long term.

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What you get from us

  • Consultants experienced in ERP projects and your industry as direct contacts

  • 30 years of experience and best practice from truly independent consultants

  • Tools for successful initialisation and standardisation of ERP projects such as process models, checklists and methods

  • Experience and environment analyses from your industry

  • State-of-the-art implementation models for requirements in the context of digital transformation

  • Expert knowledge in consulting for the design of efficient processes and the realisation of digital efficiency gains 

  • We show you different process models, evaluate your ERP readiness and create a risk management plan with you to ensure that your ERP selection is a success.

Selected Case Studies


Martini Sportswear

Martini Sportswear Austria, a modern family business with international operations, is committed to quality and service, a commitment shared by every one of its employees. The products of Martini Sportswear stand out for their multifunctionality, smart-casual design, and the high quality of both materials and craftsmanship.



Yfood offers a wholesome and simple alternative for those moments when there's little time to eat a balanced diet. Today, YFood stands as the German market leader in the smart food category. It is available for order in over 30 countries and has also become an integral component of brick-and-mortar retail.


Ineratec GmbH

Through trusting cooperation with its customers from industry and partners from applied research, INERATEC has built up an excellent international reputation in the field of innovative chemical reactor technology and beyond.

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