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Number of Employees 50 Customer Focus B2B W.Ruhsi GhbH was founded in 1949 by Mr. Walter Ruhsi, and specialises in the production of vendor parts for the contract furniture industry, especially table tops as well as the production and assembly of catering equipment. Particularly important is incorporating a high degree of automation and fast production changeovers.


Ruhsi GmbH decided upon a comprehensive ERP system.

The software was purchased and project work commenced, however, a lack of specifications and inadequate project planning relating to responsibilities and process descriptions dictated that the software never got off the ground.

Due to insufficient project documentation and KPI's it was impossible for their management to determine the project's degree of implementation themselves or obtain it from the software company. Information about the degree of fulfilment, process support and software design was either sparse or unavailable. The project was then halted by the management of Ruhsi GmbH.

Dreher Consulting was commissioned to determine the project status, prepare an expert opinion on the degree of implementation as well as a plan for further action, through audit management methods. The focus here was to secure the initial investment.


It became clear that an ERP solution could only be successfully introduced through the use of clear specifications and project documentation.

At the same time, an attempt was made to secure the previous investment. In intensive workshops with Ruhsi GmbH, Dreher Consulting redesigned their processes, defined the requirements for a software and created a specification sheet.

The aim was to increase efficiency and stability. In addition, an evaluation of potential implementation partners was carried out on the market. This means that providers were sought who fulfilled the defined requirements. The providers were able to present their solution in presentations, whereby the existing provider also demonstrated its software.

Key Points

  • The goal of securing the investment was achieved.
  • A new implementation plan with short reporting periods and a structured procedure was developed to save the ERP project and prevent problems.
  • The development and modelling of future-proof processes, highly automated and innovative production control lead to a significant increase in turnover.
  • Communication channels between the company and the software house were restored by Dreher Consulting.

Supply Industry & Production


Our customer operates around 2000 branches in 17 countries. The company employs around 18,000 people, including around 14,000 in Germany. This makes the client one of the most powerful in its sector, both in the procurement and sales markets.

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