Sustainability First Steps Self Assessment Tool Kit

Unlock your green potential with our hassle-free self assessment tool kit. Speak to Andy, Head of Sustainability
Sustainability - first steps self assessment

The start of your sustainability journey

Every journey starts with the first step ...


Sustainability legislation provides companies of all sizes an excellent opportunity to optimise there way of working from small changes in the office to analysing the overall efficiency of your supply chain. 

Our starter pack provides you with all the tools you need to create a solid foundation to reach your sustainability ambitions.  

Looking for a way to kick-start your sustainability journey? Look no further!


This tool kit is geared towards companies that have understood that they are the key to a more sustainable future. 

The took it enables you to:

  • Develop a sustainability-oriented business model/adapt your current business model to be more sustainable
  • Makes sense of and prepare for the EU legislation regarding sustainability
  • Align your team to ensure your sustainability projects' success


What's in our toolkit?


Our Sustainability toolkit gives you all the tools your need for you and your team to establish a status quo benchmark of your current working practices without overwhelming your organisation.

All included documents are easy to understand, simple to work with and actionable. 

You will get:

  • The EU legislation Checklist for businesses
  • Our Sustainability Canvas Tool to analyse the Status Quo of your business
  • Our Team Canvas Tool to support alignment in your team
  • Limited scope double materiality assessment - 'Preparing for Scope 3' document
  • Our "Next Steps" guide to support your continued compliance in sustainability



EU legislation Checklist: This Checklist is the ideal no nonsense education for internal staff presentations for SMEs. This checklist will help you understand, prepare for and deliver compliance with the EU legislation on sustainability. With this, you will know what to do, when and how.


Dreher Consulting Sustainability Canvas: Our Sustainability Canvas has an integrated questionnaire to ask the right questions and guide you through the process. This helps you analyse your business model from a sustainability point of view to create a status quo benchmark.


Dreher Consulting Team Canvas: A no-nonsense, practical tool that will strengthen your team's alignment as well as communication, which will make their work more effective. Bonus: It can be used for any project, not just sustainability!


Next Steps guide: This neat little guide will advise you about your next steps in your sustainability process, what to look out for and who to speak to if you need further support for your self service report.  


"We have been working successfully with Dreher Consulting for several years in various projects on process optimisation issues. All projects have been successfully realised." Paul Falke - Owner of Falke KGaA
"For 15 years we have been working with Dreher Consulting on various tasks in the context of process optimisation. We have achieved all our goals and will work with Dreher Consulting again." Bernd Kullmann - Managing Director deuter
"What we liked was the cooperation with Dreher Consulting. Because we realised how valuable it is to have a project team and to rethink our processes: What do we actually want? Where do we want to go? And to have a good feeling that you're doing something that has substance from the ground up and just works." Julia Einsiedler - Project Manager at Mustang Jeans
"Dreher Consulting accompanied the whole introduction, work thoroughly, know us and our processes, should also map them. This enabled them to successfully assert themselves as candidates in the selection process. In any case, we are very pleased that the common path with them will continue." Benjamin Hechler - Head of Coinage of the State Coinage of Baden-Württemberg
"We feel well advised." David Damaschun - Senior Consultant at COMBINE
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