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Ineratec GmbH

Number of Employees 100 Customer Focus B2B Through trusting cooperation with its customers from industry and partners from applied research, INERATEC has built up an excellent international reputation in the field of innovative chemical reactor technology and beyond.


Process optimization through ERP software for a successful startup


The innovative company INERATEC GmbH is on a path of steep growth. The challenges of generating energy and e-fuel solutions are realised through innovative technology. Sustainable e-fuel solutions for aviation, for actual fuel production, all C02 neutral, are technologies that are focussed on sustainability. E-products from INERATEC plants include synthetic natural gas, synthetic fuels, chemical feedstocks and methanol.

As if the technical challenges were not great enough, the growth and organisation must be supported by structures, processes and IT.

The classical tools like Excel lists or own small database solutions have reached their limits.

CAD data generated during the construction of the products must be stored and managed in articles and assemblies. Central data storage was the company's requirement for an ERP system. The elimination of interfaces as far as possible as well as access to articles, assemblies and service information was part of the company's requirements for the ERP system.

Only a system that could be operated in the cloud could offer a suitable solution for this company!


The INERATEC team initially set out on its own to look for ERP software that would meet its own requirements from the market. However, the complexity of the structures, process flows, QM and the problems of a demanding software provider market led to the search for external help. In a qualification process, Dreher Consulting successfully won the contract for process definition, optimisation of process flows and the creation of a specification sheet.

The identification of potential providers as well as the qualification of different industry solutions was carried out with our proven procedure model.

Risk considerations, expenditure, introduction model at the start of the software as well as the consideration of the costs in operation ( Total Cost of Ownership, TOC) were taken into account in the selection and qualification of the software partner.

We were able to qualify a leading software on the market and were commissioned to support the contract negotiations until the contract was ready to be signed.

Key Points

  • Cloud Software

  • Central data management

  • Dashboards and KPI tracking to monitor process quality

  • Easy onboarding of new employees as the company continues to grow



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