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An IT audit can help investors & auditors minimise the risks of a company acquisition
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"IT must no longer be seen as a mere cost factor, but as an important component that can add value to the company ..."
- Dr. Harald Dreher.


IT as a decisive factor in corporate acquisitions.


Today, IT is a decisive factor in company acquisitions. The question of the technological status of the company to be purchased is of great importance. An IT audit provides information about the current standards and reveals weak points that need to be taken into account during the purchase. 

Independent IT experts can advise companies and auditors on the purchase or valuation of a company and assess the company's IT in an expert report.

IT must no longer be regarded as a mere cost factor, but as an important component with which added value can be created for the company.

The right IT strategy is crucial for the success of any company ...

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 IT makes a company more efficient and effective and can provide a competitive advantage. This is why IT is such a vital aspect of company acquisitions.

When purchasing a company, this should not be underestimated. IT capabilities and performance can be crucial for a merger deal. It is therefore important to scrutinise an IT strategy, assess its future viability and test its degree of implementation.

An IT audit can provide valuable information in this regard, offering insights into the current status of a company's IT and identifying weaknesses that should be taken into account during the purchase.

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Our recommendations for an IT audit

An IT audit usually includes a review of the following areas:


  • IT infrastructure: Includes hardware and software used to support business processes. Experts review the type of hardware and software used and the age of the devices and assess whether the company has sufficient backup and disaster recovery plans in place.

  • Data quality: Data quality has consequences for decision-making. IT experts check the accuracy and completeness of the data and whether it is up-to-date. They also examine how the data is processed and stored.

  • Security risks: IT experts assess the company's security posture and identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers. 

  • Process efficiency and process excellence. Questions about business support, process excellence and possible process optimisations must be answered by ERP consultants who focus on process management, supply chain and enterprise resource planning.
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