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How retail can withstand cost pressure with an efficient ERP system
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"In recent years, wholesale and retail has increasingly become a digitised industry."
- Dr. Harald Dreher.


Retail is already a highly digitised industry.

In recent years, wholesale and retail has increasingly become a digitalised industry. This means that the processes within the supply chain have to be made more efficient in order to survive cost pressure and low margins. 

Improving competitiveness is a permanent aspiration of successful wholesale and trading companies, and this usually also involves the requirements for ERP and merchandise management software in terms of efficiency in a digitalised world.

Optimal support of the supply chain as the key ...

Common challenges for the Retail, Distribution and Consumer Goods industry

Running a large or commercial enterprise is not an easy task. There are many different factors that need to be taken into account in order to be successful. One of these important factors is certainly choosing the right ERP and merchandise management software.

Insight and experience in this important industry is essential to understand how to create efficient processes that can save time and money. Cost pressure and low margins have always been companions of this industry, so it is important to consider this when developing new solutions.


An ERP system for retail must be flexible

ERP software can help companies save time and money while providing the necessary resources.

The ERP system must efficiently support the processes within the supply chain. It is essential that the software offers a high degree of flexibility, is easy to learn and can be used both stationary and mobile.

Standard interfaces to logistics and warehouse systems as well as connections to mobile devices are basic principles that must be specified in a requirements document and tailored to the company.

The software must be able to easily adapt to the requirements of the environment (interfaces) as well as changes within the company, to ensure that the software can still efficiently support the necessary processes in the future.

In summary, choosing the right ERP and merchandise management software is a decisive factor for the success of a wholesale or trading company.


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