Sustainability: Strategy Realisation

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Sustainability Strategy Realisation

You have built a great foundation ... 


You have identified you need to implement more sustainable working practices into your business

  • You have completed a Sustainability Canvas and received the results 

  • You have identified the current sustainability benchmark for your business

  • You have achieved alignment with your company's departments, employees, and suppliers

  • You have a clear plan about what is required by EU law, and any additional steps you wish to take to achieving a more sustainable business ...

You have the roadmap, the passion and the tools 


Thanks to your 'Sustainability Strategy' you now have a road map leading to sustainability and the circular economy being integrated into your business.

The next step however can be daunting one, and with legislation constantly being updated knowing further support is available to ensure your businesses success is comforting to know.

It's at this point Dreher Consulting can support your business in the management and implementation of your sustainability initiatives to achieve lasting success.




You just need support in successfully integrating the steps into your business 


  • Take advantage of over three decades of successful project management with Dreher Consultings sustainability project management services.

  • We will support you through to the successful implementation of your sustainability strategy into your business.

  • Enjoy a dedicated project manager(s) to oversee your project, contactable by phone, email or webconf at any time

  • Have the assurance your company is prepared for the EU legislation throughout your entire value chain at all times


Above are just some of the solutions we offer for you and your business 


  • If you have further questions about any of our sustainability services, or 

  • If you require a bespoke support package, please speak with one of our consultants, they are ready and happy to discuss your requirements

  • For further on topic information and support, head over to our Knowledge Centre where you will find publications, videos and downloads available now 

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