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Medtec & Science GmbH

Number of Employees 40 Customer Focus B2B MedTec have been developing and producing innovative, individual and intelligent solutions for 40 years. Always in dialogue with their customers and under the aspects of usability, durability and environmental compatibility.


ERP Concept for MedTec


MedTec & Science GmbH had made the decision to invest in new ERP software.

The first challenge was the integration of the subsidiary, which handled the sales for a product area of MedTec & Science GmbH, which to this point had utilised its own ERP system.

This resulted in inefficient and manual exchanges of documents between the two companies, whilst both had to meet the regulatory requirements for ERP software in the med-tech environment. 


During the initial workshop, the intersections of the two companies were established to identify the relevant process areas for the ERP selection.

Requirements for the future software solution were defined in integrative workshops with the project members of MedTec and its subsidiary. Dreher Consulting supplemented these with regulatory requirements such as UDI creation, audit trail and validation of computer systems. 

A suitable provider was successfully identified during the course of software presentations following specification creation and a successful tender process. Following an additional two-day detailed workshop, the software offer was confirmed and following negotiations, a contract was signed by both partys.

Key Points

  • A suitable ERP supplier was identified
  • MedTec & Science GmbH is now able to work with its subsidiary in a cross-client environment.
  • Due to the cross-client cooperation, previously manual work steps for document exchange is now automated.
  • The medical technology regulations are fulfilled with the new system architecture.

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