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Number of Employees 170 Customer Focus B2B & B2C Xempus has an innovative vision: to make pension provision simple and accessible for everyone. To achieve this, they network all participants on their independent platform, making pension provision fast, efficient and comprehensible.


Until now, Xempus used a dedicated accounting solution to handle the accounting tasks in financial accounting.

Liquidity planning or market capitalisation analysis were only possible for Xempus through individual post-processing and consolidation of information. The management's goal was to create more transparency and visibility in the area of finance and controlling in order to promote growth as well as investments.

For this purpose, Xempus had already independently developed a solution from a leading ERP provider in advance, which had to be validated by an independent consultant.


The validation of this solution by Dreher Consulting revealed that the selected ERP solution did not meet the requirements of Xempus, and furthermore highlighted the price offer was exclusive of several components.  

A satisfactory degree of fulfilment of the core requirements could only be achieved through individual further developments by the implementation partner.

Dreher Consulting recorded the requirements in a standardised catalogue of requirements that made the most important needs and objectives measurable in a comprehensible structure. A provider was successfully found that could reliably map the core requirements of Xempus. The new solution can also map further, individual customer processes in a more mature and sustainable way

Key Points

  • Thanks to the validation by Dreher Consulting, gaps and shortcomings of the initially favoured solution were revealed.
  • With the help of the requirements catalogue we created, it was possible to evaluate a suitable system that covered both the core requirements as well as more sustainable forward-looking methods in the long term.
  • Another satisfied and happy customer!
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