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"The industry affiliation as well as the size of the company play an important role in the requirements for an ERP system ..."
- Dr. Harald Dreher.


ERP Mechanical Engineering: between customer needs and competitiveness

The requirements a company from the mechanical and plant engineering sector places on suitable ERP software are strongly related to its industry affiliation. Whilst the size of the company inherently influences the scope of application, the specific functions of a company are primarily determined by its industry affiliation, not only to meet customer needs but also to remain competitive with other companies in the same vertical market segments. 

In this way, it can maintain its long-term success and achieve growth targets through innovation-driven business practices that benefit all stakeholders.

The distinction between plant engineering and discrete manufacturing should not be overlooked in mechanical engineering...

Challenges in the plant and mechanical engineering industries 

Plant engineering has much higher requirements for layouts, assembly of parts, exchange of information to and with extended workbenches whereby discrete manufacturing allows, for example, digital bills of materials at material level or itemised bills of materials, which are necessary when it comes to producing customised parts according to the company's wishes; this can also apply specifically to the field of mechatronics - i.e. automation systems around mechanics: Robots etc.

The ERP software for plant engineering was developed to manage the diverse and complex requirements of plant engineering projects. It includes functions for managing acceptances, bills of materials, customer down payments and completion dates. It is also capable of handling cross-border information provision and international transactions such as currency conversion rates and changes to due dates. This makes the ERP plant construction software an indispensable tool for managing plant construction projects.

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Information exchange between machines and national border

The management of information provision in on-site service, across national borders, is a challenge that ERP software for plant and mechanical engineering must meet.

The demands on financial accounting for expense and progress payments cannot be neglected because they have to be made in sync with service production.

In discrete manufacturing, where the types of production are distinguished such as batch production, variant production, make-to-order production, the challenges are usually more on the connection and exchange of information between individual production machines or production lines.

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