Sustainability Assessment

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Sustainability Assessment

What is a Sustainability Assessment?


A Sustainability Assessment is the foundation of your businesses sustainability strategy. Using the latest lean principles an assessment workshop includes:


  • A session to establish the current sustainability performance of your business 

  • A thorough analysis of your working practices from all departments 

  • Completed by highly trained professional interviewers specialising in Sustainability & circular economies

  • A useful insight into where improvements and savings can be made


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Why do I need to participate in an Assessment?


To ensure your company and all working practices can achieve the latest sustainability objectives from the EU, we need to establish the current performance of your business.


A sustainability assessment is a key component to achieve this, and provides:

  • Establish the current performance of sustainability in your company

  • Focus on each of your businesses core components 

  • Address the possible impact of suppliers and collaborators

  • Identify the benchmark and the base to develop your new EU compliant strategy 

  • An opportunity for your team to contribute their valuable thoughts and ideas 


How long does it take, and when do I get the results?


Normally a Sustainability Assessment takes one day together with your team depending upon the size, structure and number of branches of your company. For larger, diverse companies additional assessment workshops may be required.  


In most cases the Sustainability Assessment is: 

  • Completed in one day

  • Can be conducted either in person or via online web-conference 

  • Causes the minimum disruption to your team and their daily work

  • Results are normally ready within a week of the successful completion of the workshop

  • Results are presented in an easy-to-use and simple to understand presentation 

What happens next after a Sustainability Assessment?


You have completed your 'Sustainability Assessment' with Dreher Consulting, you have a clear understanding of how your business is currently performing and you know where improvements and savings can be made, but are unsure how to plan your next steps to get you there. You need a 'Sustainability Strategy.'


Dreher Consultings Sustainability Strategies include:

  • A nominated contact person and expert in 'Circular Economies and Sustainability Strategies' to develop your strategy

  • Full compliance with the latest legislation and recommendations from the EU

  • A comprehensive assessment of Economic, Social and Governmental (ESG) issues

  • Using the latest reporting guidelines from GRI and CSRD

  •  An easy to follow roadmap for your business to increase efficiency and achieve its sustainability objectives

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