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Number of Employees 200 Customer Focus B2C Yfood offers a wholesome and simple alternative for those moments when there's little time to eat a balanced diet. Today, YFood stands as the German market leader in the smart food category. It is available for order in over 30 countries and has also become an integral component of brick-and-mortar retail.


The Key to Success in the Food Industry: ERP and Financial Software


In the fast-paced and fiercely competitive realm of food production, agility is not merely an advantage; it is essential. This holds particularly true when introducing new products to the market, which first requires convincing the trade of their value.

For yfood, a leader in producing healthy foods, the rapid expansion following its inception presented a significant challenge. A pivotal question emerged: How could the company swiftly and efficiently scale its processes to manage the surging customer demand? The answer: Only lean, standardized processes can be scaled up and implemented cost-effectively, both of which are fundamental for further growth in this sector. The industry expertise of our consultants and their meticulous evaluation of the designed processes ultimately led to optimized processes and business cases.

The solution was found in the deployment of a customized ERP and financial system, made feasible through the proficiency of Dreher Consulting.


Managing Rapid Growth

Yfood faced the significant task of adapting its internal structures to accommodate rapid growth. The company needed to professionalize its approach to bookings, deposits, disbursements, and the evaluation of key performance indicators. This step was crucial not only for supporting growth but also for laying the groundwork for scalable processes. Achieving this enabled the company to continue pursuing its entrepreneurial goal of achieving market leadership in the healthy eating sector with its innovative products.


Customised ERP and Financial Software

With the aid of Dreher Consulting, yfood discovered an ERP and finance solution precisely tailored to the fast-growing company's needs. This customised software allowed yfood to professionalise its entire spectrum of business operations, from accounting and cash management to data and performance analysis.


The Results: Secured Growth and Continued Success

Thanks to the implementation of suitable ERP systems, yfood not only managed to secure its growth but also to further its vision of establishing healthy food as a viable alternative to junk food.

The partnership between Dreher Consulting experts and the yfood project team emerged as a cornerstone of success. This collaboration facilitated the rapid implementation of solutions that significantly bolstered yfood's journey towards market leadership.

Key Points

A Partnership That Makes the Difference

The journey of yfood illustrates the pivotal role of expert advice and the selection of an appropriate ERP system for companies, especially those within the food industry. The focus extends beyond merely identifying and implementing ERP software; it's about forging a partnership that empowers companies to reach their goals, realise their visions, and enhance their competitive stance. Dreher Consulting stands prepared to assist your company with any inquiries you might have.


Martini Sportswear

Martini Sportswear Austria, a modern family business with international operations, is committed to quality and service, a commitment shared by every one of its employees. The products of Martini Sportswear stand out for their multifunctionality, smart-casual design, and the high quality of both materials and craftsmanship.



In 1919, the Cooperative of German Tiled Stove and Air Heating Builders was founded in Stuttgart. Since then, Hagos has been supplying the trade with all components, materials and tools for the manufacture of tiled stoves and fireplaces. The company has 16 locations, with customers throughout Europe.

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