If your own resources don’t help any more…
The rescue or successful completion of an imbalanced ERP project, is a big challenge for all parties involved.

  • We provide a decision-making basis for further activities in the event of a project’s imbalance or breakdown.
  • Our customers receive a clear roadmap for a continuation or withdrawal from the project
  • We provide an independent consulting to assess the status of an imbalanced ERP- or IT project and a clear ROI analyzis for all action alternatives

There are always projects that do not follow the planned course. For instance the change of the target or the necessity to change more processes than planned or the software supplier is not able to lead the project to success any more. These are just few examples why projects break down.

What are the consequences of a project that is about to fail?

  • SShould the whole project be stopped?
  • Are there any possibilities to save the project as a whole or parts of it?
  • Is there still acceptance among users for the initial planned solution?
  • What costs and expenses will arise in the event of a withdrawal? In the event of continuation under new conditions?


In collaboration with you, your stakeholders and your project team members, we would carry out an independent evaluation with a recovery audit (assessment) over a period of approximately one week, to determine the possibilities of saving the project. The focus of the work would be on identifying the risks for each solution.

  • The entire continuing process,
  • The partial continuation and
  • Breaking up the project


  • Point 1: Statements on risk management
  • Point 2: Project management, milestones and project methodology
  • Point 3: Statements on required system requirements and the design of the SW or ERP solution
  • Point 4: Statements on user acceptance
  • Point 5: Statements on system integration
  • Point 6: A solid plan and project progress for the next to do’s

ERP consultancy for project rescue works closely with the client (stakeholder) and takes into account what has been achieved so far. However, it also provides evidence of the activities or investments, which are necessary to achieve the project target. If this is not possible, we are able to define the exit scenario and design the action alternatives.

ERP consulting for project rescue gets tailored to the individual requirements of our customers. For this purpose, it is necessary to exchange information and to create a process model for an ERP project rescue on this basis. Just give us a call and we will look for a solution especially designed for you.