I.T. Security, Cyber Security and Information Security are, with the advancing digitalization in all areas, an essential part of every company. A systematic approach and a target-oriented concept help in the selection of suitable measures. For this purpose, we have developed a bottom-up approach that helps you to improve your I.T. Security quickly and effectively.

What Are the Benefits of a Functioning I.T. Security?

Numerous examples from our daily experiences and from the media show that a cyberattack can affect anyone. With widespread cyberattacks, a company is no longer attacked specifically, instead the attacks reach everyone who appears on the Internet. The targets range from small hotels, cities and SMEs to the huge global players.

I.T. security means protecting yourself and your company, therefore it is all the more important to start with simple steps in order to build up a resilient defence quickly and efficiently. Protection against these widespread cyberattacks is mission-critical and should not be placed on the back burner.

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Where Should We Start? Which Steps Are the Most Important?

These and similar questions are often asked during the initial consultation to improve the I.T. security of a company and this is exactly why we have developed our I.T. security basic health check. As independent consultants and without a product portfolio, we can and want to show you the most important steps and measures to quickly establish a good level of I.T. security at your company.

In the words (almost) of Neil Armstrong: - "One small step for you, one giant leap for your I.T. Security!" - we show you simple, achievable steps and measures with which you can defend yourself quickly and efficiently against Cyber Attacks.

What Can You Achieve with Our I.T. Security Baseline Check?

From our experience in the field of Cyber Security and Information Security Management, we know the challenges of introducing and implementing I.T. security measures within a company. Additionally, our Cyber Security consultants have extensive knowledge and perspectives into the mindset of an attacker and can therefore quickly identify weaknesses in an organisation and its technology.

Our I.T. Security ‘Baseline Check’ provides you with a well thought-out concept for improving your I.T. security and an important decision-making basis for planning further measures. We provide you with an overview of the current status of your I.T. security implementation and show you a qualified way to sustainably improve your I.T. security.



How Does the I.T. Security Baseline Check Work?


Analysis of Your Organisational Measures in an Interview

We use classic interviews to assess the current status of your organisational measures and provide initial tips on how to improve your I.T. security quickly and efficiently.

Examination of Your Infrastructure Through a Vulnerability Scan

In the next phase, we use vulnerability scanners to uncover security gaps in your infrastructure. This information gives our cyber security experts an essential overview of the technical status of your company.

Drafting an I.T. Security Concept

Finally, our Cyber Security consultants design a tailor-made I.T. security concept to improve your I.T. security quickly and efficiently. This concept provides you with an important decision-making basis for planning further measures within the I.T. security of your company.

This is What You Get with Our I.T. Security Baseline Check

  • An experienced cyber security expert as your direct contact
  • A Cyber Security consultant and dynamics expert with extensive knowledge in both areas
  • An I.T. security audit of your technical and organisational measures
  • A comprehensive concept for the I.T. security of your company
  • Simple steps and measures to improve your I.T. security
  • A focus on measures that will increase your I.T. security quickly and effectively
  • A Cyber Security Expert who monitors all important business processes

Benefit from the Many Years of Experience of our I.T. Security Experts to Protect Your I.T. Against Attacks.


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