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Efficient processes are the key to success in the fast paced professional service industry.
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"When running a services based business, nothing is of greater importance than excellence in customer satisfaction."
- Dr. Harald Dreher.


What should service companies consider when choosing an ERP solution?

Professional service companies know that efficiency is the key to success in their industry, and they want to ensure that their company's finances stay on track. ERP systems help with this - a comprehensive package designed specifically for service companies such as hospitals and educational institutions that includes features not available anywhere else, such as real-time planning tools. This allows you to focus on service delivery instead of managing it manually!

The customer experience is at the very heart of the service industry ...

Common challenges for professional service companies 

When running a service business, there is nothing of greater importance than sheer excellence in customer satisfaction. To ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied from start to finish, you need an effective system to manage all customer-related data.

This includes resources used by employees as well as any feedback or complaints so that managers can take the right action if something goes wrong later on. An ERP system provides exactly these functions because it is able to provide a central repository that facilitates tracking. This saves precious time and gives you round-the-clock access to important data without having to employ additional staff.

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Meeting the specific requirements of the professional services industry.

The service industry has specific requirements for an ERP system. These include: 

  • Seamless support of process flows, from the sales funnel to the checkout.
  • Customer portal/login for customers
  • Integration of external resources, such as travel expense tracking.
  • Choosing an ERP system for your service business is not a decision to be made lightly.
  • First, make sure that the system you choose can be customised to your individual needs, because no two businesses have exactly the same requirements or desires.
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