Sustainability Strategy

A sustainability strategy provides a framework to focus investment and drive performance, whilst engaging internal and external stakeholders. Book a web meeting
Sustainability Strategy


Sustainability Strategy Services & Scope


Dreher Consulting is proud to offer comprehensive sustainability strategy services for businesses across sectors who are looking to increase their sustainability efforts.

We understand the complexity of sustainability initiatives and as such our strategy services always include:


  • Comprehensive sustainability strategies for businesses tailored to your specific organisational needs written in an easy to understand jargon-free style 

  • Transparent collaboration with clients, to identify sustainability opportunities in each stage of the value chain, from supply chain management and procurement to corporate operations, production and distribution

  • Detailed interaction with additional aspects of an organisations operations, such as corporate responsibility, risk management and profitability

  • Our strategies ensure maximum impact in terms of efficiency, overall effectiveness and compliance with the latest EU legislation



Customised sustainability plans combining all aspects of sustainability ...


  • Including: Economic, Social and Governmental sustainability practices.
  • We create actionable goals that are tailored to the needs of your organisation and measure progress towards achieving them.
  • Our team provides on-going guidance and support throughout implementation so our clients can reach sustainability objectives while still achieving competitive goals.
  • We deliver direct, effective solutions, tailored to your business needs - without the unnecessary jargon and waffle!  




Sustainability and the Supply Chain


Business sustainability is a growing concern in modern businesses, and the sustainability of their supply chain is increasingly important to consider.

Implementation of a sustainability strategy from Dreher Consulting throughout your supply chain will help protect resources, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and foster innovation. 

By taking a holistic approach to sustainability throughout their value chain, businesses can save resources while creating long-term value for their stakeholders.

Inclusive Services:

  • Natural Capital Assessment
  • Supplier risk management
  • Assortment strategies


Sustainability & Human Rights

Risk management services that can help businesses identify and mitigate any potential risks relating to sustainability and human rights compliance.

Such measures include: conducting due diligence checks, developing action plans for any identified risks, as well as monitoring progress of mitigating these risks

In addition, our sustainability advisors can assist businesses in understanding their legal requirements regarding sustainability and human rights, such as applicable labor laws or environmental regulations.

Inclusive Services:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Support & reporting systems
  • Policies & risk management
  • Engagement advice: Employees and partners

Climate protection and CO2 reduction


To ensure sustainability throughout their value chain, modern businesses must prioritise sustainability practices including CO2 reduction.  Through implementing a range of strategies including energy efficiency initiatives, renewable energy sources, waste management and recycling programs, water conservation measures, and carbon offset schemes.

Businesses should focus on reducing their environmental impact through ethical supply chain management and sustainability-focused product design. These measures will help to protect the environment while also providing economic savings in the long run.

Furthermore, businesses should actively engage with their stakeholders to promote sustainability awareness and create sustainability-based business models that ensure they remain viable in the future.

By doing so, businesses can contribute to a greener future and make a positive contribution towards sustainability climate protection and CO2 reduction

Inclusive Services:

  • Carbon CO2 accounting
  • Impact Analysis & target realisation
  • Climate protection road map



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