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Number of Employees 18000 Customer Focus B2C Our customer operates around 2000 branches in 17 countries. The company employs around 18,000 people, including around 14,000 in Germany. This makes the client one of the most powerful in its sector, both in the procurement and sales markets.


Our client wishes to remain anonymous for this project recovery.

Having previously attempted to install a large ERP solution the project ran into difficulties and was cancelled prematurely, the client no longer continuing partnering with the software provider. Stopping a project of this magnitude inevitably leads to costs whose ROI is virtually impossible. This leads to a huge shift in attitude towards the performance promises of future software suppliers.

The renewal of the existing ERP solution in combination with installed IT solutions such as shop systems, master data management, logistics and personnel administration etc. was re-initiated as a project. From the experience of those involved, a failure of this project was a clear "no-go" for the company.


Dreher Consultings "Quality Gate" is a process model tailored to the customer that helps the company to identify risks, assess them, check them in project management and take countermeasures.

Our customer was in a position to draw up a specification sheet with his own staff, to record requirements and to summarise them in a catalogue of requirements, yet they wanted independent advice on validation and quality assurance. We discussed the process model for requirements management for ERP software with our client and audited the results regularly. The complete documentation was qualified by us in Quality Gate.

We provided advice on improvements, best practices, dos and don'ts from our process model leading to the identification and successful qualification of a contractual software partner for our client.

Key Points

  • A suitable ERP software supplier was identified within the planned project time.
  • Risk management was effective and continued consistently - even after the contract was signed, with the software supplier.
  • The project recovery was highly successful.

Supply Industry & Production


W.Ruhsi GhbH was founded in 1949 by Mr. Walter Ruhsi, and specialises in the production of vendor parts for the contract furniture industry, especially table tops as well as the production and assembly of catering equipment. Particularly important is incorporating a high degree of automation and fast production changeovers.

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