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"It's often more difficult for start-ups to find the right ERP solution and then implement it because the company has a strong growth mindset."
- Dr. Harald Dreher.


Start-ups have different needs and problems than more established companies.

Start-ups have different requirements and needs when looking for an ERP system than long-standing, established companies. 

In most cases, the process of IST intake is much shorter because the start-up does not already have an existing system that needs to be replaced. However, the programmes used are usually much more diverse and are implemented and used as individual solutions rather than as part of a larger IT landscape. 

Supporting start-ups with scenario techniques ...

Common challenges for start-ups

In addition, many start-ups rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets and cloud-based software solutions, which often leads to fragmentation and inconsistency of data. It is not uncommon for the effort required to collect the data for financial reporting to be high because the necessary data is stored in many places in the company.

Decision-making tends to be faster in start-ups than in older companies, which makes it a challenge for ERP software suppliers, who quite often have their difficulties with the required ERP implementation time.

It is often more difficult for start-ups to find and then implement the right ERP solution because the company is strongly growth-driven. There are rarely resilient scenarios of how the company will define its process flows in 2 or 3 years. Therefore, some decisions are and must be supported by scenario techniques.
At the same time, investors demand reliable statements. To make matters worse, a potentially suitable ERP software must also be able to support new, future processes that are not yet known.

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Support for process improvement

The problem is also often that the staffing levels at start-ups are just sufficient to manage the business operations. Most of the time, they don't have time to deal with inefficient processes and go on a time-consuming search for suitable ERP software.

Start-ups know that you can save time and money by streamlining your business processes, but you don't always know where to start.

The solution: Process Excellence and the knowledge of best practice as well as standard processes can support you. Experts in the field of process improvement can help you streamline your business processes so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business.

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Yfood offers a wholesome and simple alternative for those moments when there's little time to eat a balanced diet. Today, YFood stands as the German market leader in the smart food category. It is available for order in over 30 countries and has also become an integral component of brick-and-mortar retail.

Start Ups

Ineratec GmbH

Through trusting cooperation with its customers from industry and partners from applied research, INERATEC has built up an excellent international reputation in the field of innovative chemical reactor technology and beyond.

Start Ups


Xempus has an innovative vision: to make pension provision simple and accessible for everyone. To achieve this, they network all participants on their independent platform, making pension provision fast, efficient and comprehensible.

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